How to package your parcels and impress your customers?

Published at April 9th, 2021

With the intense competition between online merchants, everyone is looking for ways to make their products and packaging unique and an impressive experience for their customers. The aesthetics of the packaging of an ecommerce website's products is very important, this is due to customers having to be attracted to the product from a simple picture rather than being able to see and touch a product (in person) in a shop or store. There are several methods that online merchants can use to make their packaging unique and impressive to attract customers and exceed their expectations, both aesthetically, morally and logically.


Branded & Colorful Packaging


One of the most obvious and clearest ways that merchants can make their packaging and parcels more impressive and unique to their competitors is by using specialized colorful and branded packaging that relates to their companies' branding. There are several different materials that merchants can use within their packaging that they can change to incorporate this tip. These include using bubble wrapping and packing peanuts that are either branded or colored relating to their brand. Or merchants can use (color or branded) tissue paper to line their packaging, which can make parcels look more luxurious and that more time has been taken in the packing of the parcel.


For parcels that do not require extra protective packaging, but rather need filler material within the parcel, then shredded paper may be the perfect alternative. Not only is it a recyclable alternative to materials like packing peanuts, shredded paper can be purchased in a variety of designs and colors that will make companies parcels both fuller and more impressive.

Another element of the packaging which can be changed for a more colorful, patterned or branded alternative is the box, letter or envelope that the parcel is made up of. The merchant could opt for creating a box or envelope specialized to their company branding that will make parcels more distinctive and impressive.


Business And & ’Thank You' Cards


If merchants are looking to add a personal touch to their parcel packaging, then opting to add a handwritten 'Thank You' card addressed to the parcel receiver is a nice touch. Not only does this make the customer feel like the company values them, but it will also make the customer feel closer to the merchant. If customers feel more appreciated by a brand or company that they are purchasing from, they are more likely to become repeat consumers.

Another addition merchants can make is by adding items like business cards, leaflets or coupons into their parcel packaging. Not only will this aid the merchant in promoting and advertising their business, but the consumer also feels they are being given additional extras within their parcel, even if it is not an additional product.


Environmentally Friendly Packaging


Generally speaking, most customers are looking at the packaging their online orders are being delivered in and look for companies that make the effort to limit their carbon footprint. Organizations can cater to this need by using packing materials that are either recyclable, biodegradable, and just generally using packaging with limited waste. An example of this would be using paper materials rather than plastic, as well as packaging products in boxes/envelopes that are as small as possible.


Shipping & Delivery Times


The last method online merchants can use to make their parcels and packaging more appealing to customers is through the shipping methods and delivery options they provide. While this will not affect the aesthetics of the package, customers being able to have their parcels delivered at a convenient time for them will be more appealing and impressive to customers. Aside from that, organizations using courier services that are highly rated and recommended would be impressive to customers, as they would be assured that their goods are being well treated and looked after, and will arrive to them in an excellent condition.

There are a variety of different methods online merchants can use to amplify and improve their parcel packaging to the best that it can be. This can have the end result of making their packaging either more colorful and eye-catching, make the package more identifiable to the companies branding, or create a more personal experience for the customers. Other non-aesthetic changes can also be made, such as using environmental friendly packaging or making the shipping and delivery times more appealing to customers.


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