MYR 2,324.00
Diving Equipment
The new Mares Matrix is a full sized wrist mounted dive computer. The full dot matrix screen provides a high resolution display which is very easy to read. The dot matrix display allows features such as a tilt compensated compass and dive profiles to be showed directly on the dive computer.

Other features include a metal housing to protect the unit, a 35 hour logbook to store previous dive information and profiles (profile sampling every 5 seconds), a rechargeable battery for maintenance free use which can be charged via mains or USB on a PC / Mac.

Customizable Display: reverse contrast possible, display dive profile mode or digital data, digital clock hour.
Electronic compass (heading lock)
Air, Gauge, up to 3 mixes gases
Function show (date, dual time, alarm)
4 push buttons, intuitive navigation
Stopwatch (available whilst diving only)


SHIPMENT MODE: Deepsleep function (everything is stopped, there is no clock update). To enable/disable the function: Set watch - "Turn Off". We use that as shipping mode but user could use it when Matrix is not used for long time.
Charging systems modified, % charging eliminated. charging is complete when the four lines inside the battery icon will stop blinking.
Deep stops can be set ON/OFF
BATTERY SAVE MODE: Display can be automatically switched off (if enabled). If no buttons are pressed in 5min the display is switched off (not in dive mode). Display is switched on by pressing a button. To enable/disable the function: Set watch - "sleep"
Changed clock graphics
Modified the graphics alarms in dive
No dive when % charge <10% (previously 15%)
Compass more stable
Year setting date up to 2037 (bug solved)
Planned uses the current settings of water salinity (bug solved).


Screen size - approximately 30mm wide x 30mm high
Merpati Jingga
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